Born and bred in Sydney, Australia, I came to photography late in life. My early career as a Psychologist was taken up with studying, research and a busy practice. However, as retirement loomed, I knew that I needed a hobby to occupy the many free hours that would soon be available to me. 
Fortunately, my wife, a French woman, suggested I document our frequent trips to France with writing and photography. What initially started out as a casual pastime quickly became an all-absorbing obsession.
My exposure to travel photography commenced in 2008 with a road trip to France and a small Nikon Coolpix camera. A series of Nikon DSLRs, from APS-C to full frame, soon replaced the Coolpix.
Now in full retirement, light-weight Sony gear has replaced Nikon. Likewise, flower photography has displaced physically demanding travel photography. Today, much of my time and interest is consumed with macro photography, specifically of flowers, in my home-based studio.
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